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Over the years there have been many to claim such a title. A title so great many had thought it could only be given to a God. But this man, this human man, is so incredible that you may not even believe his super powers. This is the story of the worlds strongest man.

There has been many titles that this man has carried, many knew him simply as Steve. Born in the fifties, he grew up like many children, playing with friends, watching baseball, basketball, and football. A tall slender kid, he was never much of an athlete. His…

It’s much easier than you would think.

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For many years, I thought I needed a purpose built race car to go racing. Then I didn’t have anyone to go with. Then my job got in the way. Well all those are just excuses. All excuses I gave myself, instead of going racing. For many years I kept feeding the excuses to myself then, the Pandemic hit. I had extra time away from work. I was tired of not going racing, so I went. I signed up with a local SCCA chapter online, and just went and did it. It was a blast. I have never had so…

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Being that we are no longer in the Industrial Age, why are so many still working like we are? We are seeing more and more creative opportunities than ever before. Sometimes we are just unaware of how to make money else where. Or maybe we are too scared to lose that day job pay check. Well, one way of creating income without having a specific skill, is utilizing your automobile. It is often overlooked, but it’s a great source to meet the bills at the end of the month. …

2000 Jeep Cherokee

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The seventies were a wild time in the automotive industry. Cars were being manufactured as big as the tiny homes of today. Heck, maybe even twice the size of apartments in some cities. Fuel efficiency needs and government regulations were forcing manufactures to change what they were doing.

There was a need when the eighties rolled around. America needed a vehicle that was sporty. Something they could impress co-workers and neighbors with. Not too big, but something they can swing in to the grocery store with. They needed utility. Families were taking weekend trips to the mountains, doing home improvement…

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Your heart beating fast, knuckles turn white as you grip the wheel, all you hear is the sound of the engine rev held at six-thousand revolutions per minute. The seconds are moving in slow motion. The light turns green, your quick reaction slips the clutch. All four wheels spin for a brief moment, then all of a sudden no more slip. Your body is thrown back into the seat and you start moving forward. The time is no longer moving so slow. You watch the RPM gauge climb higher and higher, just before redline, pushing the clutch and shifting into…

The VA chassis

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To enthusiast, Subaru has been the butt of many jokes and memes alike. Blown head gaskets, ring land failure, the spinning rod bearing of death, are all notorious ways this boxer engine dies. Yet, so many people still have a strong passion for these cars. America waited for 10 years to get a turbocharged Impreza after its release in 1992. Then another two years to get the fabled STI. The world watched through those long awaited years as Subaru’s world rally team dominated the WRC. …

What you need for the job.

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The auto industry has changed quite a bit over the span of one persons lifetime. I would say it will continue to change quite drastically with the push into zero emissions. What needs to be maintained is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Wheel bearings don't need to be greased, brakes and ignition systems hardly have to be adjusted. Yet, there are still some typical maintenance items you can do yourself to save some money for just a few hours of work. …

Where did it go?

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Making automobiles used to mean something. Cars had style, they were comfortable. They could be driven. You had a vast selection of options to pick from when designing it. They were a fashion statement, not a necessity. You could feel it when you were behind the wheel of a sports car. Race car drivers were hero's and everyone wanted to be one. Racing as a whole had never seen so much action. Factories were everywhere in America and the country was booming.

Auto makers unfortunately ran free for too long, creating some major impacts on natural recources. So when they…

A less expensive way to become an entrepreneur.

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Have you been working from home? Do you have one or more extra vehicles? What if you could make money off that unused car sitting in the driveway? To be fair, automobiles were not made to sit. They were made to be driven. Now you could sell it, or maybe you could let someone else drive it. Instead of selling it and getting a lump sum, take that money in increments. Rent it out. If you have a second or third vehicle, this makes even more sense.

A few months back, I had an employee who mentioned to me that…

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Have you ever felt confused when getting your car worked on? Did it seem like the mechanic was ripping you off? Maybe you just didn't believe what they were saying about what was wrong. The only way to know for sure is either bring a consultant each time you take your car to a repair shop, or my favorite, educate yourself. In Robert T Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he talks heavily about financial education and the effects it has on your ability to make money. Well the same rule applies for the automobile. But in this case, its…

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