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Over the years there have been many to claim such a title. A title so great many had thought it could only be given to a God. But this man, this human man, is so incredible that you may not even believe his super powers. …

It’s much easier than you would think.

Photos by Scot Edge

For many years, I thought I needed a purpose built race car to go racing. Then I didn’t have anyone to go with. Then my job got in the way. Well all those are just excuses. All excuses I gave myself, instead of going racing. For many years I kept…

2000 Jeep Cherokee

Photos by Scot Edge

The seventies were a wild time in the automotive industry. Cars were being manufactured as big as the tiny homes of today. Heck, maybe even twice the size of apartments in some cities. Fuel efficiency needs and government regulations were forcing manufactures to change what they were doing.

There was…

Photo by Scot Edge

Your heart beating fast, knuckles turn white as you grip the wheel, all you hear is the sound of the engine rev held at six-thousand revolutions per minute. The seconds are moving in slow motion. The light turns green, your quick reaction slips the clutch. All four wheels spin for…

The VA chassis

Photos by Scot Edge

To enthusiast, Subaru has been the butt of many jokes and memes alike. Blown head gaskets, ring land failure, the spinning rod bearing of death, are all notorious ways this boxer engine dies. Yet, so many people still have a strong passion for these cars. America waited…

What you need for the job.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The auto industry has changed quite a bit over the span of one persons lifetime. I would say it will continue to change quite drastically with the push into zero emissions. What needs to be maintained is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Wheel bearings don't need…

Scot Edge

Just another human roaming the earth enjoying nature, art, baseball, and automobiles. Website:

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