How Can I Make Money With My Car?

Photo by Alex Mecl on Unsplash

Being that we are no longer in the Industrial Age, why are so many still working like we are? We are seeing more and more creative opportunities than ever before. Sometimes we are just unaware of how to make money else where. Or maybe we are too scared to lose that day job pay check. Well, one way of creating income without having a specific skill, is utilizing your automobile. It is often overlooked, but it’s a great source to meet the bills at the end of the month. So what are some of the ways you can make money with your vehicle?

Uber/ Lyft.

This is probably the most common as a side hustle. As you already know, they deliver mostly food and people. It is very easy to get started and clients come to you. No need to advertise.

Private transportation service.

This is a good idea to get outside the realm of food and people. You are able to transport smaller items and charge how you want. You will need to advertise in order to get your name out. This is better suited for the self-starter.

Hauling / towing service.

People need things hauled or towed away all the time. This would be for larger items such as heavy equipment, other vehicles, or even help people move. You will need a truck, larger suv, or a van to get started. You can even rent trailers at places like U-haul. Again advertising will need to be done.


There are quite a few companies that will pay you to cover your car with their logo. If you drive often this would be an easy way to get paid. There are many out there, but companies like Carvertise will help you get started.

Rent your vehicle.

There are plenty of ways to rent out your vehicle. You can get started with companies like Turo, or you can be a self starter. I would recommend using a company on this one, for there are many legal considerations when starting this type of business.

In our modern society, we need to be smart on how we create money. Sure, you can get a 9–5 job, or you can create a better way to make money. A simpler way to control your schedule. We need to be sure we are using all the tools in our shed if we want to pay the bills. Let’s start turning liabilities into assets.



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