Our Habitat is in Danger

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Would you ever think that within the next 100 years we could live on a planet that is unsustainable for life? It seems really farfetched but is very possible. Forests are being depleted, oceans are warming, and animals are becoming extinct. These are very bad signs, and we humans are THE cause of it all. Our lifestyle is so demanding of the natural world, and we seem to be doing very little to say thank you. The good news is that WE can help, WE can change our future, and WE can restore our planet.

Now many people have been warning of this for a pretty long time, and I'm sure by now you have heard about this. But right now it is the time we need to make our change, the way we live, what we consume, the products we use. Our planet thrived when it was wild, and it can be wild again. We must learn to live in balance with nature rather than separate from it, only then will we have a future on this Earth.

Between 1700–1900 we lost 3% of forest around the world. Since 1900 we have lost roughly 10% according to ourworldindata.org. So we are sitting about 38% of the planet covered in forest. Trees have a very large impact on our ecosystem. They produce oxygen, provide shade from the sun, store carbon, and provide homes for many wildlife animals. Due to the growing population of humans we needed the lumber, fuel, and paper products, trees can also produce. We then used the empty lands for farming and agriculture instead of replanting. Our technology has changed very much and we are no longer as reliant of the tree for all these products as we once were. We can even relocate many farms indoors because of our advance in technology. But we can not stop there, we need to replant, and grow our forest areas. There are many organizations that are here to help in this process, individuals and businesses can partner up with them to plant more trees.

It is a fact that our ocean temperatures have been increasing over the years. We see that ice is melting at the polar caps, coral reefs are bleaching and dying, and coastal flooding is happening more often. Oceans also have a huge role on our ecosystem, they produce oxygen, regulate our climate, capture carbon, and produces food and nutrients for many species. Again due to the growing population of humans, we have taken many resources from the ocean without giving it back. According to nationalgeographic.org there are 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic debris floating around the oceans. That number is staggering, and quite embarrassing. All that trash has a major impact on wildlife too, from turtles to whales, animals are dying from it everyday. Not only trash is killing our oceans, roughly 40% of carbon pollution created by humans get absorbed by the ocean. We should be choosing products that are produced of biodegradable substances and choosing provides of clean energy where possible.

Each and every organism on this planet is connected. We all share this earth, and need each other for this ecosystem to function. In just a single lifetime, we are seeing many animals go extinct and even come close to extinction. If we continue to let our wildlife die off, we as humans will also die off also. According to study.com nearly 500 species have become extinct in the last 100 years. If you haven't already seen the show Our Planet, then you should watch and understand how each species is important to the earth and the function of our ecosystem. If we continue down this path of destruction our planet will no longer be habitable for us or any species.

We can change it all. We have the technology to build a promising future, where we live balanced with the natural world. We can relocate farms indoors and use the land once again for forest. We can clean up our oceans by recycling and buying less products with plastics. We can choose cleaner energy sources. We can donate and volunteer to organizations that plant trees and clean up garbage. We can build a better ecosystem for ourselves, we owe it to the planet.




Just another human roaming the earth enjoying nature, art, baseball, and automobiles. Website: http://scotedgethink.godaddysites.com/

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Scot Edge

Scot Edge

Just another human roaming the earth enjoying nature, art, baseball, and automobiles. Website: http://scotedgethink.godaddysites.com/

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