There used to be a passion in the Automotive Industry

Photo by Simon Lohmann on Unsplash

Making automobiles used to mean something. Cars had style, they were comfortable. They could be driven. You had a vast selection of options to pick from when designing it. They were a fashion statement, not a necessity. You could feel it when you were behind the wheel of a sports car. Race car drivers were hero's and everyone wanted to be one. Racing as a whole had never seen so much action. Factories were everywhere in America and the country was booming.

Auto makers unfortunately ran free for too long, creating some major impacts on natural recources. So when they got hit with all the regulation, they lost their passion. They had to make efficient automobiles. Vehicles all of a sudden lost body style, they lost comfortability, they weren't the same. Options dwindled down and soon we were being sold Chevy Cavaliers, and Ford Escorts. The days of the Chevrolet Chevelles and Dodge Super Bee’s were gone.

The automobile proved to be a great mode of transportation, and made travel much easier for individuals. They were able to work farther away than ever before. Soon it was a bigger deal to see how many kids could fit in your minivan, rather than how fast you could get around the local track. With that, racing lost its edgy lure that attracted so many.

Now the worst part about all of this, is how companies, that had so much with the creation of such a huge economy, also had so much to do with the fall of it. These companies were the lifeblood of our country. Greed took over and before we knew it, factories were shut down or relocated out of the country. Leaving so many people, communities, and cities to die. Now, I suppose you’ll want to say something about capitalism. But how could you devastate an entire economy just to make some extra money? I know I couldn’t do that.

I know the old industry is dead, I know we cant have so many big v8’s and unregulated automakers. We need highly efficient vehicles, even electric vehicles. But with our technology, we can at least bring back the passion. We can make cars something to look at again. Bring back bench seats and make them comfortable again. And most importantly, companies need to bring their factories back. Our economy needs it, our people need it. We need that passion for it all to work again.




Just another human roaming the earth enjoying nature, art, baseball, and automobiles. Website:

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Scot Edge

Scot Edge

Just another human roaming the earth enjoying nature, art, baseball, and automobiles. Website:

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